We operate a Proof of Stake (PoS) operation.

What we do is a lot like all other mining pools, you are buying Staking power. Once you have made your payment we then trade whatever coin you used to invest with us and we buy coins we can stake on. As with most Mining pools or Cloud Mining services your deposit represents a contract with Luckybit.eu which allows you to own a percentage of mining power in our pool. Everyday we collect Stakes, which is also known as mining or Minting new coins. Those coins hold a value in BTC which is then equally distributed to each member of the pool in correlation to the percentage of the pool you own. The more coins we stake as a group the more you earn on a weekly basis. Each week we calculate what every member earned on their account, and a payment in BTC is then distributed to each participant. 


 Our forum is located @ BTC-POP Forum 


You can buy shares @ https://btcpop.co/Trade/LBS

Some free sats her: www.bitco1n.net


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